We stand with Polish Womxn

Dear Sisters in Poland ! We unite with you on our day, the International Women Day, and beyond. You will never walk alone! Two groups, International Council of Polish Women and Feminist Wine, representing Polish Women abroad, invited the international community to join us in expressing our solidarity with the Polish Women in Poland. This movie is the declaration of our strong support to the Polish women in their fight against the government’s actions. We condemn the Polish Constitutional Court’s ruling introducing a near-total ban of abortion as well as other acts of gender discrimination taking place in our home country. Together we will win and protect our freedom to choose and decide.

Edited by Snorri Granisson, Graphics: Anna Krenz & Ew Miko, Organization: Agnieszka Losinska & Ania Palmowska

#IStandWithPolishWomxn #8M #PolonijnaRadaKobiet  #NieJesteśSama #TwojeCiałoTwójWybór