STOP violence on the border!

A while ago we wrote on our fanpage that even though we live abroad, we will not keep quiet when terrible things happen in Poland. Now is the time!

Photo: Katarzyna Nagรณrny. The photo shows a wall painted by refugee children in a refugee centre in Bytom. June 2010.
Graphic: Ew Miko

For weeks, aid organisations in Poland have been providing assistance to people in the border area between Poland and Belarus. The state of emergency introduced by the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice) politicians in the border zone makes things more difficult, as the organisations are not allowed to be present in the area under the state of emergency. Despite all odds, they manage to reach people in the forests, supply them with food, clothing, sleeping bags, medicines, and save their lives. They need food and water, warm and dry clothes, legal support – the nights are getting colder, especially when it rains, and there are children, women and men in the forests; old and young; healthy and sick. By denying them protection and pushing them back to the Belarusian side, Poland is violating international law.

Graphic: Ew Miko

On Sunday, 17 October, marches, rallies and solidarity actions took place in Poland and elsewhere around the world.

We cannot protest in front of the Polish Embassy in Bern, as this is prohibited by Swiss law.

BUT WE CAN HELP by organising a money collection for those who help directly at the border. By raising money, we also raise awareness of the violence and demand respect for human rights.

Therefore, we ask YOU: donate and pass the information on, please! The detailed info is given below. Money can be transferred by TWINT or to the DziewuCHy Switzerland bank account. The collection runs from 17 to 20 October. On Friday, after all the money has come in, we will announce how much we have raised and send the full amount to the Grupa Granica (Border Group) account.

There are about 1200 of us in the fb group DziewuCHy Switzerland. If everyone would donate just CHF 1! Now is the time to show that Polish women and men in Switzerland oppose the policies of the PiS government!

Only by being together and acting together can we stop the violence!

This action is limited in time. We ask for donations until Thursday, 21.10.2021.

Verein Dziewuchy Szwajcaria: 15-621260-6

IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 1562 1260 6


We thank you for your support!