March 8th Beyond Borders Conference

The “March 8th Beyond Borders” conference initiates the foundation of a feminist platform, the International Council of Polish Women. This organization unites Polish women and people in the Polish cultural circle who live in emigration and are engaged in the promotion of women’s rights, feminist culture and activism. Four panels will each cover one of our topics; abortion rights, the feminist Polish diaspora and its allies, herstory of the Women’s Day celebrations and counteracting violence against women. We will offer reflexion on strengthening the feminist sensitivity as well as showing a new perspective on the analysis of the history of women; their current societal and political challenges. How have other countries managed to expand and reinforce women’s reproductive rights? How can we create global methods for fighting gender-based oppression? How can we deepen our knowledge of women’s past and herstory? How can we develop feminism within the Polish diaspora? The International Council of Polish Women wants not only to spread our feminist attitudes and activism but also cultivate the joy of women’s collectivism, community and sisterhood. Together we are building towards a world friendly to all women, without exclusion.

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The Conference is organised by the International Council of Polish Womxn: IG



Conference Idea – Agnieszka Rutkowska i Joanna Lasserre
Concept coordination and implementation – Elles sans frontières
Content supervision – Agata Araszkiewicz
Coordination – Magdalena Myszka
Graphic design – Ania Troszkiewicz (logo), Wiktoria Konwent, Anna Krenz i Ew Miko (grafiki)

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