8. March – Woman’s Day


Women! Sisters! Let’s support each other. Let’s be united, never divided. Let’s focus on our common goal – getting our full rights! We need to stop gender-based violence, get more recognition for care work and migrant women’s work, economic equality and freedom of choice. Just to reach full women’s rights! With self-determination and togetherness!

Graphic: Ew MiKo

Looking down on women is a legacy of patriarchy. For hundreds of years women have been sold, killed or used for any man’s purpose with impunity. The fact it was universally accepted for so long results with a huge burden held by contemporary living women and it still shades many social relations. Sometimes observable lack of solidarity between women seems to be an old fear driven lifesaving strategy. Let’s stop to play the game patriarchy still benefits from continuing control on individuals and societies. Let’s listen to each other, let’s practice a dialogue. It is a time of female power, based on respect and openness towards otherness, partnership and love. Let’s reconnect with the empowerment and nurture it within all of us. Let’s keep moving forward!

This year we will celebrate our 5th anniversary as a group. For a long time we were an informal, loosely organised collective. Recent months have seen an intensification of activities – also internationally. We have been experiencing women’s solidarity and sisterhood, agency and real support on an individual, group and trans-border scale. Since November 2021, we have been operating as the association Dziewuchy Szwajcaria. See what brought us together.
In the video below, we have collected photos of activities from the past years with a focus on those taking place on International Women’s Day.

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